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23/06/2015 | Latest news | The OAdM and the Gaia science alerts
The TJO has become one of the telescopes providing more observations to the Gaia alerts system.

01/06/2015 | Latest news | TJO-OAdM Annual report 2014
The information presented below is a summary of the IEEC Annual Report 2014 that will be published at the IEEC web page.

11/02/2015 | Latest news | Interview to Ignasi Ribas, OAdM director and IEEC researcher
On February 10, the TV3 program Quèquicom interviewed the doctor Ignasi Ribas, OAdM director and IEEC researcher. The interview…

24/10/2014 | Scientific results | Spectroscopic confirmation and additional photometry of the M31 nova candidate PNV J00423972+4120117
Further information.

25/09/2014 | Scientific results | Spectroscopy and photometry of the novae M31N 2014-09a and M31N 2014-09b
Further information.

Weather data

Date 2015-11-30 07:10:01
Temperature 7.4º
Humidity 34%
Rain detector NOT RAINING
Electrostatic 0.6 kV/m
Wind speed 7.0 m/s
Wind dir. 279.0º
Pressure 856.6 mb
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