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04/04/2014 | Latest news | The TJO observed the supernova SN2014J in M82
In March, the Joan Oró telescope observed several times the supernova discovered in January in the galaxy M82, called SN2014J. The observations were combined…

07/02/2014 | Latest news | Following Gaia
On the night between March 6th and 7th, two of the telescopes placed at the OAdM (the TJO and the TFRM) observed the Gaia satellite while it was pointing…

01/06/2013 | Latest news | The Cheliábinsk superbolide. The impact risk of small asteroids with the Earth
Article published in the AstronomiA magazine. More information in Spanish here.

22/05/2013 | Press releases | The anti-tail of the PANSTARRS comet
Comet PANSTARRS photographed by the Robotic Telescope Joan Oró, of 0.8 m in diameter, of the OAdM last May 12, 2013. Furher information in Catalan…


08/05/2013 | Scientific results | Optical and near-infrared observations of SN 2011dh - The first 100 days
Further information here.

29/04/2013 | Scientific results | The 2011 October Draconids outburst. I. Orbital elements, meteoroid fluxes and 21P/Giacobini-Zinner delivered mass to Earth
Further information here.

26/02/2013 | Public events | Anouncement of opportunity -- 2013
The TJO announces its first public Call for Proposals for observations to be taken in robotic mode from April 1st, 2013. This call is open to observers…

18/02/2013 | Latest news | Observations of the asteroid 2012 DA14
Two of the telescopes placed at the OAdM, the TJO and the XO unit, observed the asteroid 2012 DA14 on the night between February 15th and 16th.