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10/07/2014 | Scientific results | New optical nova candidate in the M 31 disk
Further information here.

30/05/2014 | Public events | Three groups visited the OAdM in May
From time to time, the OAdM opens its doors to show its facilities to certain groups of people with a special link with astronomy.…

04/04/2014 | Latest news | The TJO observed the supernova SN2014J in M82
In March, the Joan Oró telescope observed several times the supernova discovered in January in the galaxy M82, called SN2014J.…

07/03/2014 | Latest news | Following Gaia
On the night between March 6th and 7th, two of the telescopes placed at the OAdM (the TJO and the TFRM) observed the Gaia…

01/06/2013 | Latest news | The Cheliábinsk superbolide. The impact risk of small asteroids with the Earth
Article published in the AstronomiA magazine. More information in Spanish here.

Weather data

Date 2014-10-31 09:17:32
Temperature 12.3º
Humidity 47%
Rain detector NOT RAINING
Electrostatic 0.9 kV/m
Wind speed 3.0 m/s
Wind dir. 160.0º
Pressure 851.3 mb
Solar rad. 184.1 W/m2
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